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Starting your own portfolio at theartwolf.com is very easy. This step-by-step guide will show you how to create a stunning portfolio in a few minutes

- 1) Register
- 2) Create your portfolio
- 3) Set permissions
- 4) Add images

Click on the "register" option at the top right of the screen

register 1

Now, please fill out this form. Your e-mail address will not be public, so don't worry about spam. Of course, you will be able to make it public if you want to receive offers or comments about your works, as we will see later


Fill all the fields in the form (all fields are required). Then you will find this screen:


Click on the "Login" option at the left side of the screen. You will be redirected to the login screen.


Now enter your username and password. A welcome message with your name will appear. Congratulations! You can start your portfolio. Now let's click on the Porfolios option at the left of the screen.


The main gallery page looks like this:

create your portfolio 1

Now let's create your portfolio. First, navigate to the section where you want to create your portfolio (painter, sculptor, photographer, etc...) If you are not sure, remember that you will be able to move your album/portfolio later. You can not add your album/portfolio at the main page, or in the "examples" section. Once you have chosen a section, click on it. Then, click on the "add album" option on the left

create your portfolio 2

And fill this form. Don't forget to attribute the portfolio in the title or the summary unless you want it to remain 'anonymous'. You can also add your e-mail or contact info, allowing potential buyers/sellers to contact you

create your portfolio 3

Congratulations! Your portfolio is ready! Now, you can edit your album, change its configuration, etc...

edit portfolio

This step is important. All portfolios are created with some certain "default" permissions, which can be changed here. For example, you can disallow guests to see your portfolio, or even make it only visible to yourself. By default, registered users can add sub-albums in your portfolio. You can remove this permission by removing the action "add sub-albums" for "registered users" in the Group Permissions section (recommended)

edit permissions

Click on the "Add Items" option. By default, two upload boxes will appear, but you can click on "more upload boxes" and more boxes will appear. Allowed file types are:
- jpg, jpe and jpeg
- gif
- png

Due to some storage limitations, the size limit for a portfolio is 15 MB, being 10 MB the size limit for a single size. Though we do not set arbitrary limits on the amount of images you can add to your portfolio, we strongly encourage you not to add a huge amount of images. Read our Terms and Conditions for more info

edit portfolio

By default, the name of your file will be used as the title of your file. (i.e. If you upload an archive called beautiful-landscape.jpg, the title of the image will be beautiful-landscape. You will be able to change it later, of course

Now your portfolio is ready. You can modify, delete or move every image. You will probably want to change the title of the image. Just go to "item actions" and select "edit photo"

edit image

Here you can change its name, description, etc... Also check the "make highlight" option on "item actions". The highlight will be the image shown over the title of your album.

edit image

If you have any other doubt, get in touch with us at our contact page

I'm ready, let me register!

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