Pixies in Kansas City, 2004

Pixies in Kansas City, 2004

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Pixies - Trompe le monde

Trompe le monde... last Pixies album?


Here comes your band. again. The news has burst in the International Music Festival of Benicassim: The Pixies, with no doubt the most original band of last 25 years, will return to release new songs in the next September, almost 15 years after releasing their last album, the Trompe le Monde .

After dissolving the band in 1993, every member initiated an interesting individual career, but without approaching to the previous geniality. The singer and alma mater of the band, the brilliant, histrionic, unmatchable and UFOphilic Black Francis changed his stage name for Frank Black and released a series of albums with unequal fortune. The bass player Kim Deal - whose artistic relationship with Francis was quite problematic- achieved the success, or all the success that a feminine indie band can reach, with the Breeders and their hit Cannonball . The fabulous guitarist Joey Santiago followed with his rage in The Martinis, and drummer David Lovering almost disappear from the musical scene.

I remember to have attended a good Frank Black concert in 2003, when the always plump and already bald musical continued proclaiming that the band would " never " return. But the following year the four seemed to iron out their differences (especially Mr. Black and Mrs. Deal) and began a series of concerts, always playing themes from their old albums. I had occasion to attend two of those concerts in Europe , and I can testify that they have not lost a single gram of his force. On the contrary, they are still more demential, histrionics and alternative than any of those young indie bands admired nowadays.

However, as a Pixies fan, this announcement paradoxically worries me: Come on pilgrim, Surfer Rosa, Doolittle, Bossanova, Trompe le Monde . these are the original five albums by the Pixies, five albums that could easily rank among the 100 most important albums the 20 th Century. Will the new themes be worthy of these fantastic masterpieces, or, on the contrary, we will be attending to the frustrated return of a band that already expressed all its Martian mercury in a fabulous lustrum, more than 15 years ago? I apologize for my scepticism, but I am one of those who think that Michael Jordan should have retired after doing that shot against the Jazz.

Nothing would make me happier than to be wrong in my fears. Nothing. And I hope that soon we could be crossing again the motorway to Rosswell, levitating like a dreaming bird among the Olympus Mount. In September we will return to the Planet of the Sound. And then we will see what is waiting there for us.

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