Gerhard Richter - Forest

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"Wald (Forest)" – series of paintings

Gerhard Richter (b.1932)
Oil on canvas, 197 cm x 132 cm (77 3/8 x 52 in)
Private collection
© Gerhard Richter

“In nature everything is always right: the structure is right, the proportions are good, the colours fit the forms. If you imitate that in painting, it becomes false.”
Gerhard Richter

Gerhard Richter is without a doubt one of the most famous artists of recent times, perhaps best known for his "photo-paintings" depicting candles, skulls, and even landscapes, such as his "Corsica" series (1968-69) or his view of "Barn" (1984). However, he also developed an abstract style of painting -completely opposite to his "photo-paintings"- that played an important role in his career since the late 70's.

In this abstract style, Richter created two series of paintings entitled "Forest". The first of them, painted in 1990, consists of four large canvases (340 cm x 260 cm). In 2005, Richter created a second series of 12 paintings of slightly smaller format (197 cm x 132 cm). The rhythm created by the vertical lines is reminiscent of the inside of a dense forest. In the same year, Richter began to take photographs of the forests near his home in Cologne, then collected in his book "Wald", published in 2008.

G. Fernández -

Gerhard Richter: Some of his large abstract paintings, including the "Wald" series

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