Willem de Kooning: Woman III

Willem de Kooning: Woman III

Willem de Kooning's Woman III, sold for $137.5 million

The Art market is still breaking records. A few days after the sale of the "Number 5, 1948" , by Jackson Pollock, for a record $140 million; another work by a contemporary artist, Willem de Kooning's "Woman III" has placed itself in the second place of the most expensive paintings list, being acquired for a stunning $137.5 million by American billonaire Steven Cohen. The work was previously in the collection of the also billonaire David Geffen, and is the only work from Kooning's "women" series still in private hands.


David Geffen was also the seller of Jackson Pollock's "Number 5, 1948" ($140 million) and Jasper Johns' "False Start" ($80 million)


The first and most famous example of this series, the "Woman I" owned by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, was chosen by theArtWolf.com as one of the 50 masterworks of the history of painting

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