This page displays a list of the most important art museums in the African continent. Use the brief list on the right to go directly to the museums of a certain country. Links to museums open in a new tab

Cairo MuseumThe Cairo Museum, Cairo - By far the most complete collection of Egyptian Art in the world. Its most famous artworks are the objects from the Tomb of Tutankhamun, discovered in 1922

Museum of Islamic Art, Cairo - This Museum in Historic Cairo houses a collection of more than 100,000 artworks, continously increased thanks to new excavations in Egypt

Luxor Museum, Luxor - Located in Ancient Thebes, this Museum exhibits a very important collection of Ancient artifacts, including grave goods from the Tomb of Tutankhamun

Graeco - Roman Museum, Alexandria - Created in 1892, this Museum exhibits a large collection of Ancient Egyptian artifacts, including a group of mummies

Nairobi National Museum - Initiated in 1910, it houses some of the most celebrated collections of history, culture and art from Kenya and East Africa.

South Africa National Gallery, Cape Town - Established in 1872, this Museum houses a collection of European paintings and drawings from 17th to 20th century

Johannesburg Art Gallery / Pretoria Art Museum, Johannesburg - Arguably the best collection of European paintings in Africa, with works by El Greco, Monet and Picasso, among others

National Museum, Bloemfontein - Though it is more focused on natural history, it also exhibits an interesting collection of local art.

National Museum of Sudan, Khartoum - One of the most important Museums in Africa, shows the rich Sudanese heritage, including a bust of Queen Hatshepsut

Bardo Museum, Tunis - Housed in an interesting 13th century building, this Museum houses a collection of prehistoric and classical antiquities, including a selection of Roman mosaics

National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare - Zimbabwe's National Museum, it exhibits a collection of artifacts from the country's heritage, as well as contemporary Art

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