Since January 2006, theArtWolf publishes the most important events related to the Art world in its Art news & events section. If you want, now you can send your press release to, and, if accepted, it will be published in our pages. The texts and images you submit to will be shown only in your press release, and will not be altered or modified. theArtWolf will never use texts or images submitted in this form for any other purposes. If you see any error or omission, please contact us

Please note that a submission does not mean that the submitted press release will be accepted.


- Please submit only Art-related stuff. Any press release with no relation with Art will be rejected

- Be as objective as possible. Expressions such as "the best show on earth" or "the definitive artist" are not idoneous for a press release.

- All interesting information is welcome: dates, schedules, admission fees...

- You can include links to related websites, but avoid turning your press release into a "link farm"

Thank you in advance!


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