Walter de Maria

Walter De Maria: the 5-7-9 Series at Gagosian Gallery

Gagosian Gallery Rome presents an exhibition of important sculpture by Walter De Maria. Each of the three works on view represents a major series for De Maria during the last fifty years.

Rome, Italy. 22 March – 29 May, 2012

Source: Gagosian Gallery

"The 5-7-9 Series" is the second of three related, large-scale 27-part installation sculptures. This presentation is edition 2/2; the first edition is on permanent view at the Gemäldegalerie, Berlin. The work is preceded by "The 4-6-8 Series" (created in 1966) and followed by "Time/Timeless/No Time" (2004, from the 3-4-5 Series), exhibited at the Chichu Art Museum, Japan. All works in each series consist of 27 unique sculptural variations, each made of three vertical rods affixed to a horizontal base.

Each of the shaped solid stainless steel rods in "The 5-7-9 Series" has five, seven, or nine sides, and the order of these three rods is presented in 27 unique presentations. Every possible combination of vertical elements is realized. In counterpoint to the vertical structure of The 5-7-9 Series are two stainless steel floor sculptures: "Large Rod Series: Circle/Rectangle 11" and "13-Sided Open Polygon". Both are displayed in their own gallery spaces.

About the artist
Walter De Maria was born in 1935 in California and has lived and worked in New York since 1960. He has been an important figure within four major art historical movements during the twentieth century: Minimalism, conceptual art, land art, and installation art.

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