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THE 50 MASTERWOKS OF THE HISTORY OF PAINTINGTHE 50 MASTERWOKS OF THE HISTORY OF PAINTING - Be by symbolic, aesthetic, practical or economic reasons, the truth is that Painting has always been humanity's favourite and most used artistic medium... theartwolf's most viewed article - read more

THE IMPRESSIONISM SEEN THROUGH 50 PAINTINGSTHE IMPRESSIONISM SEEN THROUGH 50 PAINTINGS - No artistic period has been as commented or discussed as the Impressionism. But, as an image is worth a thousand words, theartwolf has showcased 50 paintings ... published January 2009 - read more

10 self-portraitsTHE ARTIST AND THE MIRROR: 10 SELF-PORTRAITS - The genre of the self-portrait was born, of course, in the Renaissance, when the History of Art became the History of Artists. Since then, the self-portraits... published June 2007 - read more

Still life paintingNATURE MORTE - 10 GREAT STILL LIFE PAINTINGS - The genre of the Still Life through 10 great paintings, from the antiquity to the contemporary. How we would define a still life? Academically, we could say that a... published september 2007 - read more

Goya - the black paintingsGOYA: THE BLACK PAINTINGS Goya is an enigma. In the whole History of Art few figures are as complex for the study as the brilliant artist born in 1746 in Aragon, Spain. An artist who has... published August 2006 -  read more

the history of cityscapesPAINTING THE CITY: THE HISTORY OF CITYSCAPES - The history of cityscape painting, from Lorenzetti to Estes, from the antiquity to the twenty-first century. Any modern or contemporary art lover will recognize that... published October 2010 - read more

Leonardo da VinciLEONARDO: THE REAL AND THE FAKE - There is no artist more legendary than Leonardo. In the whole History of Art, no other name has created more discussions, debates and studies than the genius born in Vinci... published March 2006 -  read more

101 greatest painters101 GREATEST PAINTERS - A "who's who" of the history of painting. This list is only intended as a tribute to the painting and the names that have turned it into an unforgettable Art... published February 2009 - read more

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